What you must or mustn’t say in geotechnical reports. (2006)Tierra y Tecnología nº 29. Spanish Association of Professional Geologist

I compiled a list of missing definitions mistakes, plus their conclusions from geotechnical reports. My wealth of experience in quality assurance gave me the insight to identify these issues.


Attention!! Foundation on construction progress. (2008) Tierra y Tecnología nº 32. Spanish Official of Professional Geologist

I compile a list of different issues that occurred in excavation and execution foundation.



Geothermal Energy, a renewable reality. (2013) Itacambiental. Digital magazine of Association of Environmental Science. (ACA)

The present article gives to know the main principles of the geothermal energy, its application and its paper for saving efficiency energy.


Geothermal, looking forward. (2011) Tecnoenergía

Geothermal has a high potential for development in Spain like energy resources being alternative versus fossil resources.


Lecture: Introduction to Geothermal Energy. On



Greenland Expedition 2009 (I): Its Geology. (2010) Tierra y Tecnología nº 36. Spanish Association of Professional Geologist

Greenland is the biggest island in the world, with a population of inhabitants with HDI high. The most village visited was Qaqortoq (3.000 inhabitants) y Narsaq (1.700 inhabitants).


Greenland Expedition 2009 (II). Geosites. (2010) Tierra y Tecnología nº 37. Spanish Association of Professional Geologist

For people who are travelling to Greenland and interested in getting to know in depth, the article indicates Geosites that illustrate your curiosity to recognize a unique geological place in the world.


Geoheritage as an educational resource and educational resources as heritage (2014) AEPECT (Spanish Association to teach Earth Science), num. 22 (pages. 69-80)

This manuscript presents a compilation of educational experiences, which address the teaching of Earth Sciences through the knowledge of geological heritage. The aim of these proposals is to promote students’ comprehension of the Earth processes so that they may develop a positive attitude towards them. The six activities chosen offer a catalogue with a variety of sites, methodologies, contents, and levels.


Geotourism. (2014) Tierra y Tecnología nº 44. Spanish Official Association of Professional Geologist

Defining tourism is common but, Geological tourism?


The value of geological heritage. (2013) Blog of Institute of Environment – Instituto Superior de Medioambiente-

When we contemplate a landscape, go through a ravine, we see a cliff. This surrounding has a common attribute: the Geology


Conclusions of l Geotourism International Congress. (2013) Blog of Institute of Environment – Instituto Superior de Medioambiente-


Blog of Geotourism Services Company. 52 Posts from January 2013 to July 2014


Entrepreneurship and races: Life and Sport .(2014). Blog of Institute of Environment   – Instituto Superior de Medioambiente-

In this new post, I will do in parallel with sports and our projects. The sports practice is an essential for our daily life, and this practice will improve it. Link

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