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Geology of Britain (I)

Tweet After one year without writing, today I am posting from Manchester. The mountain and Geology are my passion. I started discovering The Peak District and surroundings. Hope Valley (Hope-Lose Hill- Holling Cross-Mam Tor-Castleton-Hope) We could see the Peak district´s 350-million-year-old … Continue reading

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Professional qualifications-giving ceremony

Tweet El reportaje completo del acto se encuentra en la revista Tierra y Tecnología nº 45 Año 2014

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New year`s resolution

Tweet Firstly, I considered that the new resolution could start at any time. Every day is perfect to start a new purpose. It is common  when we begin a new year to make new resolutions. Three weeks later we give … Continue reading

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Leading at the edge (II)

Tweet In 1914, Ernest Shackleton embarked on an adventure to cross time Antarctica for the fist time. This extraordinary expedition has been chronicled by many authors to represent a story of survival. Shipwrecked because of the ice pressure.Crew lost in … Continue reading

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